Comilla City Corporation | কুমিল্লা সিটি কর্পোরেশন |

Comilla City Corporation is a self-governed municipal administration in Bangladesh that administers and oversees development and maintenance works in the city of Comilla. The corporation covers an area of over 33 square kilometer in the Comilla district where over five million people live as permanent residents. The body was known as Comilla Municipality previously, until it obtained the City Corporation status by a ministry of local government declaration on 10 July 2011. The Comilla municipality was formed in mid-1890s and the city remained as a municipality for over 125 years though the number of population have been rising with time.[2] An administrative proposition, issued from the Comilla district administration, was passed on 20 August 2009.[3] The ministry of local government meeting on 4 March 2011 declared to turn at least four of the populated municipalities into city corporations, largely bringing Comilla as a suggestion as one of the contenders.[4] An administrative move was made on 23 June 2011 abolishing the Comilla Municipality as the final step to introduce the administrative body as a city corporation. Later on 10 July 2011, a ministry gazette named the Comilla Municipality as the new Comilla City Corporation. The city corporation is run by a joint staff of elected public representatives and government officials. Officials both come from departmental recruitment and the administrative cadre service of the country. The Comilla City Corporation has 37 members, containing 27 councilors, 9 woman councilors led by the mayor.[6] Bangladesh Election Commission is constituted to oversee city corporation polls, which sits in the office for a five-year tenure. The first ever mayoral election of Comilla City Corporation was held on 5 January 2012, elected the municipality’s Monirul Haque Sakku as its new mayor, 27 councilors and 9 woman councilors from 27 wards.

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